Our Pop-Up Shakespeare Initiative

In November, Notapom will produce its third and final 2018 Pop-Up Shakespeare performance in the Staircase Cafe & Theatre Bright Room. Notapom’s “Pop-Up Shakespeare” has been an exciting project, and images of the past two shows can be found in our gallery. If you’re already familiar with this project, please find tickets to our next Pop-Up here; if, however, you’d like to learn more about what “Pop-Up Shakespeare” is and why we do it, read on!

Pop-Up as a Minimalist Portrayal

William Shakespeare was, obviously, performed about 500 years ago; back before fancy tech and hundreds of sound cues. The costumes were homemade, the lighting was provided by the sun and stars, and the sound cues were real instruments and noises. With a pop-up, we strip the text down to its essentials, performing with only key costume pieces and props, and no lighting or sound at all. It feels more raw, more real and in-the-moment.

Pop-Up as a Fundraising Event

Because of its minimalistic nature, the budgets for these shows are considerably lower, and ticket sales more easily become profit for a full-fledged independent production, as well as cash in our talented local artists pockets. The shows do not have a full run, they “Pop Up!” in one weekend, and then are gone — and with all of the “hints” about what show we’ll be performing, and our ticket- and prize- giveaways, these shows act as a fundraising event, where we perform a show for an audience in lieu of an indiegogo or other kind of campaign.

Pop-Up as an Acting Challenge

Another aspect of the Pop-Up Initiative’s minimalistic nature includes a minimal cast. With A Midsummer Night’s Dream, only eight actors portrayed the eighteen or so characters! In All’s Well, our very own Gregory Cruickshank seemed to be on stage the entire show, taking on 3 different characters through the show. This is an opportunity for actors to take on multiple complex characters and find ways to quickly jump into the skin of these different roles in a matter of seconds. For fans of Hamilton talent, these shows are not to be missed; it’s a wonderful opportunity to see them push their ranges!

Pop-Up as a lot of FUN!

For both the cast and the audience, Notapom’s Pop-Up shows are a blast to attend. Actors have a lot of laughs, both on and off the stage, and audiences are treated to a show performed in-the-round at the staircase, a licensed venue! With a discounted ticket price until the show is announced on October 25th, and the many opportunities to win free tickets through our Facebook challenges, this is a weekend to mark on the calendar, and a show not to be missed!

See you there!
Carissa Kaye, Artistic Director