Carissa Kaye

artistic director

Carissa Kaye is the Artistic Director at Notapom Productions. Her passion for theatre, classic text, and having fun knows no bounds. Although a little off-the-wall, Carissa always strives to find the gem of truth in every wild production she stages. She has recently converted from a dog- to a cat-person, and can confirm that cats brainwash people—send help.

David Rundle.JPG

David Rundle

Production stage manager

David “Doctor” Rundle is the Production Stage Manager, keeping everything in order and holding back the chaos that could be Notapom Productions. The most educated, most experienced, most lived of the team, David seems to always have the answer to Notapom’s ever-emerging questions. Not a real doctor.

Dylan Duarte.JPG

Dylan Duarte

Managing producer

Dylan Duarte is the Managing Producer at Notapom Productions. Ever the contradiction, Dylan hopes to break hearts with his sense of humour. His voice is prominent in everything Notapom brings to the stage—if not to the podcast. With his sharp wit and quick thinking, Dylan somehow seems to always be looking back, to the future.